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25 for 25 Offer

How the 25 for 25 offer works

Because weather is unpredictable! Getting the balance between protecting yourself against the moods of the sky and not overspending on items you don’t use, is what the 25% deposit is all about.

You have the option of putting down a deposit to guarantee that we will put aside those umbrellas for you to use should you decide you require the full order. This is much safer than waiting until you are sure you will need umbrellas (usually only the day before an event) and running the risk that we have already hired out all of our available stock.

When you place a 25% deposit on your umbrellas, you can wait until the day before the hire period commences to confirm whether you require the full order or not. If you think you won't require the full order, simply call us before this point to either cancel or reduce your order. You have the option of ordering only the umbrellas to the value of your deposit already paid. If we don't hear from you by this point, your order will be organised and the remaining 75% needs to be paid. This gives you the flexibility to only receive the amount needed for your big day.


So for an order of 25 umbrellas, total cost = $325, deposit = $81.25. If the weather is looking better, customers usually take the amount of umbrellas that the deposit covers, so 6 umbrellas and no more needs to be paid. You can also decide to take 20 of the original 25, so the balance of $178.75 needs to be paid.

Can it include a combination of colours?

The package can include a combination of colours within the wedding style, ie 15 white and 10 black

When do I need to pay the deposit?

We recommend putting the deposit down as soon as possible. We can only guarantee stock availability once the deposit has been received. The deposit is not refundable.

Who is this offer for?

Customers of Hire An Umbrella who are hiring 25 or more umbrellas.

What style does this offer apply to?

This offer only applies to the ‘wedding’ style umbrella is part of the packages, no others.