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About Hire an Umbrella

Hire agreement

So our umbrellas stay beautiful and ready to make someone else’ event as enjoyable as yours, Please read our terms and conditions before you proceed with your order.

Terms and Conditions

  • Orders are confirmed once. For hire of 25 or more umbrellas the order is confirmed once 25% deposit is received.. All other orders are confirmed when payment in full is received.
  • Lost or damaged goods will be charged at $31 per 'wedding' or 'bubble' style umbrella and $35 per umbrella or parasol for all other styles.
  • If damage is repairable, then a charge will apply to make good the damage, not to exceed the damage fee.
  • It is the customer's responsibility to ensure the umbrellas return to us in a dry, clean condition. A cleaning charge will apply to umbrellas which require cleaning upon return.Umbrellas must be aired to dry before being packed for return. Wiping umbrellas with a towel after use does not dry them.
  • If further fees apply, these will be debited from the credit card provided as security. 
  • Hire period is Thursday - Monday. Late returns  are charged at $20/day per umbrella. Late returns make it difficult for us to get umbrellas to the next event.

The Details

1) Definition:

In these Terms and Conditions:

a) 'DAMAGE' means any Equipment not returned to the Owner by the Hire Date or Equipment that is returned in a damaged condition and includes encumbrances, stains, dirt, rust, bent shafts, scratches, holes and Equipment that is not in proper working order, but does not include fair wear and tear.

b) 'Commencing Date' means the date that the Hire Period commences as disclosed in the Tax Invoice.

c) 'Equipment' means umbrellas or other goods ordered by the Hirer as described in the Tax Invoice and the tube or bag in which they are secure and protected by.

d) 'Hire Fee' means the fee payable by the Hirer for the hire of the Equipment.

e) 'Hire Period' means the period during which the Equipment is hired from the Owner.

f) 'Hirer' means you or your agent.

g) 'Owner' means Hire An Umbrella, ABN 34 930 480 442, its subcontractors and employees.

h) 'Return Date' means the date the Hirer must return the Equipment to the Owner as disclosed in the Tax Invoice.

i) 'Tax Invoice' means the tax invoice issued by the Owner for the hire of the Equipment.

j) 'Terms and Conditions' means these terms and conditions.


2) Agreement:

a) At the request of the Hirer the Owner agrees to hire the Equipment for the Hire Period to the Hirer for a Hire Fee, particulars of which are set out in the Tax Invoice.


3) Authority and Acceptance of Terms and Conditions:

a) The Hirer warrants that the person hiring and collecting the Equipment has full authority to accept these Terms and Conditions.

b) The Hirer unconditionally accepts these Terms and Conditions and acknowledges.


4) Hire Period:

a) The Hire Period commences 9:00am on the Thursday prior to the event and expires 1:00pm on the Monday directly following the event, unless stated in writing otherwise.


5) Ownership:

a) The Equipment remains the property of the Owner at all times.


6) Collection and Inspection:

a) Subject to payment of the Hire Fee the Hirer can collect the Equipment from the Owner any time during the Hire Period and must return the Equipment to the Owner on or before the Return Date.

b) If the Hirer requests the Owner to forward the Equipment by courier delivery then the Owner has no responsibility for any loss or damage the Hirer may suffer as a result of the courier Owner failing to deliver the Equipment on time or at all or delivers damaged Equipment.

c) The Hirer must immediately upon collecting or receiving the Equipment inspect all of the Equipment to ensure the Equipment is not Damaged and the Hirer must notify the Owner in writing of any Damaged Equipment.

d) If the Hirer does not notify the Owner within 12 hours of any damaged Equipment then the Hirer is deemed to have received all of the Equipment without Damage.


7) Return Date:

a) The Hirer must return the Equipment to the Owner on or before the Return Date, without Damage.

b) The Owner will charge the Hirer a late Fee for each piece of Equipment the Hirer does not return to the Owner by the Return Date at a rate of $20.00 per day for each piece of Equipment not returned, commencing the first day after the Return Date until the day that the Hirer returns the equipment to the Owner.


8) Payment:

a) The Hirer must pay the full Hire Fee as follows:

i) If the Hirer is hiring less than 25 umbrellas then the Hirer must pay the Hire Fee in full prior to collecting the Equipment from the Owner; and

ii) If the Hirer is hiring 25 event umbrellas or more then the Hirer must pay a deposit of 25% of the Hire Fee upon receipt of the Tax Invoice and must pay the balance of the Hire Fee no later than the day before the Commencing Date.


9) Security of Payment:

a) Where the Hirer pays by electronic funds transfer, credit card details are required to be retained by the Owner.

b) The Hirer irrevocably authorises the Owner to retain the Hirer's credit card details and charge that credit card with:

i) All payments necessary to pay for any Damage to the Equipment;

ii) Any cleaning fee;

iii) Any late Hire fee;

iv) Any cancellation fee;

v) Any loss suffered by the Owner as a result of the Hirer failing to return any equipment by the Return Date, or at all; and

vi) Any other loss suffered by the Owner as a result of the Hirer breaching these Terms and Conditions.


10) Handling and Care:

a) The Hirer warrants they know the risks associated with using the Equipment and will use the Equipment solely at the Hirer's own risk.

b) The Hirer warrants they know how to use the Equipment and will use the Equipment in a proper and safe manner.

c) The Hirer is responsible for the security of the Equipment at all times during the Hire Period.

d) The Hirer must not part with possession of the Equipment.

e) The Hirer must not use the Equipment as security to satisfy any obligation.


11) Damaged Equipment:

a) The Hirer is solely responsible for any damage to the equipment during the hire period.

b) If the Hirer returns damaged equipment to the owner and:

i) It is repairable, then the owner will apply a charge to make good that Damage not exceeding the damage fee of the Equipment; and

ii) If the Damaged Equipment cannot be repaired of Equipment is missing, the the Owner will charge the Hirer $31.00 for each 'Wedding or Bubble style' umbrella and $35.00 for each other style of umbrella or parasol that are irreparably Damaged.

iii) The black tubes and bags used to transport the umbrellas are considered part of the hire and care and responsibility is on the Hirer for these items. Any loss or damage to these which results in their inability to be used securely will result in a replacement fee of $350.00.

c) The Hirer expressly agrees that the final determination of whether the Equipment has been Damaged will be entirely at the discretion of the Owner.


12) Cancellation:

a) If the Hirer cancels the hire of the Equipment more than 24 hours prior to the Commencing Date then the Owner may:

i) Charge the Hirer 25% of the Hire Fee for the Equipment; and

ii) Refund to the Hirer any Hire Fee paid exceeding 25% of the Hire Fee.

b) If the Hirer cancels the hire of the Equipment less than 24 hours before the commencing Date then:

i) The Hirer will not receive any refund of the Hire Fee; and

ii) If the Hirer has not paid the Hire Fee then it will be a debt due and owing to the Owner and the Owner will be entitled to debit the credit card of the Hirer.


13) Liability:

The Hirer indemnifies the Owner from and against all claims, actions, suits and demands against the Owner arising out of or as a result of the Hirer breaching these Terms and Conditions that cause any loss to the Owner or cause injury, death or property damage how so ever including breach od duty of care or breach of legislation including occupational health and safety legislation.


Umbrella Care 

We highly recommend allocating  to a specific person the responsibility for the care and tracking of umbrellas throughout your hire.

Storing Umbrellas

Umbrellas should be stored upright in a safe place, packed in the black tube or bag provided. (Helps prevent loss/damage.)

Please store umbrellas, particularly black or coloured ones, out of direct sunlight. (Helps reduce premature fading.)

Using Umbrellas

To open: unclip strap, then hold umbrella pointing downward and shake (by quickly twisting your wrist back and forth) to open all the folds.

Keep umbrellas an appropriate distance from each other.(Helps avoid accidental damage.)

When placing on the ground, be aware of tips and handles. (Helps avoid excessive chipping which may incur a damage fee.)

Don’t forget to take care of people too – always use umbrellas in a responsible manner.

After Using Umbrellas

If any umbrellas are dirtied or marked, clean while they are still damp with a clean cloth and either warm soapy water or methylated spirits.

When umbrellas are wet, open and stand on handles out of direct sunlight until aired and dry.

When dry, wrap and clip strap. Smooth down folds as necessary.

Store in black tube or bag provided. To fit maximum number of umbrellas in tube, alternate heads and handles.


Packing away wet or damp umbrellas causes rust stains which are irremovable. Umbrellas that develop rust stains are considered damaged and a fee will be charged - $31 for each wedding or bubble style umbrella, $35 each for all other styles.