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About Hire an Umbrella

Umbrella events and packages pricing

Umbrella Packages

Our tiered pricing structure means the more Wedding Umbrellas you hire, they cheaper they become.

Name Quantity Price
Usher 1-25$16
Bridal 26-50$15
Wedding Bells 51-75$14
Outdoor Ceremony 76-100$13
Events 101-200$12
Events Plus 201+$11

Example of pricing structure

29 Wedding Umbrellas will be priced as follows.

The first 25 umbrellas will be $16 while the remaining 4 will each be $15.

As you move up through the tiers the price of each umbrella within a new tier will change, not each umbrella within your selection.

To order your umbrellas package -

25 for 25 Offer

Brides and event organisers, you can now place a 25% deposit on orders of 25 umbrellas or more and wait until the day before your hire period begins to confirm the full order! We know how unpredictable rain is, so place a deposit now to get peace of mind. See more details here.

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Other Details

Sale stock ships from our Scarborough Brisbane premises only. 

*20% surcharge on orders received after the Thursday before your event. Minimum hire order of 3 umbrellas or parasols.